25 New Scifi and Fantasy Writing Prompts

You asked for them, so here you go! 30 all new scoff and fantasy writing prompts — perfect for short stories, short films, full blown novels and screenplays or even just some quick flash fiction. It’s all up to you, and as always, they’re licensed under a Creative Commons license. Have fun and please share!

  1. In a world where time travel is available to the super rich, stealing time takes on a whole new meaning for a group of professional criminals.
  2. An artifact hunter stumbles across an ancient device that appears to have been designed in the future — and which might hold the key to questions about life on Earth.
  3. “I never thought it would go this far, I never thought it would hurt anyone.”
  4. A projectionist at an old cinema downtown stumbles across a reel of film hidden away in the basement. When he plays it, it seems the film was meant for him to find. 
  5. A shortwave radio operator — listening to number stations from across the world — cracks a hidden code that reveals a coming invasion.
  6. “I have to explain what’s happened here. I have to explain myself.”
  7. The entire planet falls asleep and won’t wake up — save one guy who now can’t fall asleep no matter what he does.
  8. A religious retreat turns out to be something more nefarious when a young woman stumbles across a room full of video monitors watching her every move.
  9. A young group of teleporting teams is captured and then coopted by the government for use in covert black ops.
  10. “I am, quite literally, the last man on Earth.”
  11. Hiking on an Icelandic glacier, a man falls through a crevice only to find an entire world hiding underneath the ice.
  12. You’re a newly minted superhero. Today’s your first day on the job.
  13. A small coven teams up with a detective to help fight the city’s skyrocketing crime — with magic, of course.
  14. At the edge of the known universe, there’s just one thing: a diner run by a man who calls himself Wolf Fang.
  15. The first colony on Mars lasted exactly on years before contact was lost. You’re on your way to find out what happened.
  16. While enjoying lunch one day in the park, a man who sits down beside you claims he’s related. Actually, he claims he’s you from about 20 years into the future and he’s got an important message.
  17. “We used it all… and now we’re stuck here.”
  18. It’s atmosphere destroyed, Earth’s population has moved into city-like towers that stretch miles into the sky, each with its own government and set of social norms. You’re a detective in the largest, situated over what was once Los Angeles.
  19. While building a space elevator that will connect to the moon, an act of terrorism sets you and your crew adrift in the top half.
  20. There’s no water left on the entire planet, except for a rumored supply in the depths of what was once the Pacific ocean. You’re going to set out to find it.
  21. Terrified of public speaking, a cyberneticist builds a look-a-like android to take his place when he’s invited to speak at a TED conference.
  22. A group of friends hire a fortune teller as a joke for entertainment at a party — but then her predictions start coming true.
  23. “I spent a month learning that spell. Now I wish I hadn’t.”
  24. A barber begins to suspect his new client isn’t exactly who he says he is after realizing his hair keeps growing after being cut off.
  25. At 23, you’re the youngest person on Earth after women stop being able to conceive. And now, you’re pregnant.

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25 New Scifi and Fantasy Writing Prompts by Justin McLachlan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.