34 More Scifi and Fantasy Writing Prompts

Who doesn’t love a great writing prompt?

Here are 34 more scifi and fantasy writing prompts, licensed, as usual, under Creative Commons and culled from ideas in my notebooks, stuff floating around in my head, tidbits from others stories or shows, and so on.

Use them as you see fit!

  1. Sitting silent and watching for centuries, a gargoyle plots its coming escape into the real world.
  2. As if the  abduction wasn’t bad enough, a man finds himself stranded on a new planet when the aliens who took him forget where he came from.
  3. “He was angry, so angry that even his own power scared him.”
  4. You’re all alone on a deserted island, until a shipwreck brings a new visitor — someone who claims he can get you home, but for a high price.
  5. A video game designer decides he doesn’t like his real life, so he builds a game he can live in.
  6. “My last day on earth wasn’t supposed to be like this…”
  7. One simple scientific discovery from a small team in the UK has a significant side effect — the world no longer needs money.
  8. A down-and-out inventor on the verge of bankruptcy builds a machine that can control the weather.
  9. A therapist’s newest patient turns out to not be joking when he says he’s a superhero.
  10. After visiting the dentist, a man finds he got more than a filling implanted in his tooth when he starts picking up radio signals.
  11. “They may have been small, but together they knew they could face the world.”
  12. After a particularly restful nap, a man awakes on a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean.
  13. The crew of Earth’s first deep space vessel discover an area of space where the normal laws of physics don’t apply.
  14. The experiment worked! But now there are five of you.
  15. “Trust me, I really can fly.”
  16. Tilling the fields one day, a lonely farmer hatches a plan for an alien hoax that he thinks will bring him fame and fortune — instead it brings him real aliens.
  17. A new mom discovers that her baby has superpowers, namely — telekinesis.
  18. After buying a used camera on eBay, a photographer sees the same man’s face in every one of her photographs.
  19. Late one night, an infomercial host has a message for you — and just you.
  20. You wake in the hospital after a serious injury that reveals that your body is a little more than meets the eye — basically, you’re an android.
  21. A shirtless man sits beside you on a bench. He says he’s Jesus.
  22. Heading out for the morning paper, you notice something strange in your front yard: a freshly dug grave with a wooden coffin inside.
  23. A team of scientists is dispatched to a small Oklahoma town after a tornado strikes the same place at the same time, five days in a row.
  24. Your new roommate turns out to be a vampire, but one you decide to keep around for protection.
  25. After his car is struck by lightning, a man discovers that he can control electricity.
  26. Digging through an old box in your attic, you come across a calendar from Colonial times that suggests the world will end in three days.
  27. A scientists discovers that humans are not the only species with a legitimate claim to planet Earth.
  28. A hacker creates a virtual currency that quickly becomes the dominant system of money on the entire planet.
  29. Two people wake up in bed together, but in a room in a house neither recognizes nor with any knowledge of what happened the night before.
  30. Out on a walk with your dog, you meet a man who says he has a message — from your future self.
  31. Slowly, a man comes to the realization that his world and everything he knows is just the inside of a snow globe.
  32. On a long flight home, you sit next to a women who says she can tell you your future, but only if you’ll do this one little thing for her first.
  33. You are stranded on a desert island, with a magical rock that will grant two wishes — but the wishes will only affect people off the island.
  34. A man wakes to find himself trapped in a Holodeck-like virtual reality simulator. The thing is, he’s not sure he wants to leave.

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