• Productivity and Writing Tools for Storytellers

    There really is an app for everything. And that’s a good thing! Even just a few years ago many of the tasks now handled (sometimes automatically) by bits of software would’ve taken me hours and hours of work each week. These tools (though not all specific to storytellers, are definitely tools storytellers can use) have boosted […]

  • Human? Then You’re a Natural Storyteller

    Storyteller: (n) a person who tells stories. Well, that was easy, right. If you tell stories, then you’re a storyteller! Catch you later. Kidding. If you write novels or screenplays, then it’s pretty clear. You tell stories. But storytelling is more a part of all of our lives than we realize. In the first Storyed […]

  • Unleash Your Creativity by Limiting Yourself

    Recently I set out to write a new web series. But unlike most spec work that I do, this series is heading to production. That means it had some limitations, mostly the budget. It’s almost non-existent. That meant I was limited to very few characters (because characters translate to actors who translate into steep costs), […]

  • Storyed: The subscription box for writers and storytellers

    So for a long time, I’ve wanted to do a monthly subscription box for writers and more-inclusively those who’d call themselves storytellers, something along the lines of Lootcrate or Birchbox… So, here it is: STORYED Our first box is going to be shipping soon. We’re still in the design phase but we’re picturing books on storytelling, writing […]

  • Learn the Three Act Structure

    Story structure doesn’t have to be so complicated. I have a pretty basic guide in which I try to break it down into really simple terms and parts: the beginning, middle and end. If you’re really clever, you noticed that was just a repackaging of a time-tested story form known as the three act structure.

  • How To Tell a Story

    Do you know how to tell a story? Storytelling is a natural human instinct, so embrace your innate ability with this easy guide.

  • When a Story Isn’t a Story

    The basics of storytelling aren’t difficult to grasp, but some storytellers still seem to do everything in their power to skip the “story” part of the story.