• Learn the Three Act Structure

    Story structure doesn’t have to be so complicated. I have a pretty basic guide in which I try to break it down into really simple terms and parts: the beginning, middle and end. If you’re really clever, you noticed that was just a repackaging of a time-tested story form known as the three act structure.

  • 25 Things About Filmmaking

    These are some filmmaking tips I’ve picked up. You might agree or disagree, but I think you’ll find something here worth thinking about.

  • The Art of Planning?

    A script page from my short film Roommates, showing my best laid plans for a short window of shooting.

  • When a Story Isn’t a Story

    The basics of storytelling aren’t difficult to grasp, but some storytellers still seem to do everything in their power to skip the “story” part of the story.

  • 10 Joss Whedon Writing Tips

    Joss Whedon, known best for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, okay, maybe now that little movie called The Avengers, is sort of a bit of a hero of mine. Below, I have 10 of Joss’ writing tips for you. Number two is a particular favorite of mine, as I’m bit of a structure stickler. Aside: […]