• Handling Rejection

    So you’ve chosen the path of the creative. Congrats, you’re pursuing your calling! At least, I hope it’s your calling. I hope you’re driven, excited and passionate about what will be your life’s work. Otherwise you’re not going to make it. Seriously. If you’re not 1000 percent committed to this path, the rejection you’re going to […]

  • Human? Then You’re a Natural Storyteller

    Storyteller: (n) a person who tells stories. Well, that was easy, right. If you tell stories, then you’re a storyteller! Catch you later. Kidding. If you write novels or screenplays, then it’s pretty clear. You tell stories. But storytelling is more a part of all of our lives than we realize. In the first Storyed […]

  • Unleash Your Creativity by Limiting Yourself

    Recently I set out to write a new web series. But unlike most spec work that I do, this series is heading to production. That means it had some limitations, mostly the budget. It’s almost non-existent. That meant I was limited to very few characters (because characters translate to actors who translate into steep costs), […]

  • Anything Can Be

    Listen to all the naysayers, says Shel Silverstein — but then, listen closer to the real truth about impossible and possible.

  • Toiling In Obscurity

    Toiling in obscurity, if nothing else, means that you’re working and doing what you love. It also has a surprising benefit that you lose with fame.