10 Best Podcasts You’re Not Listening To

Before I created my own podcast, EOS 10, I was a longtime listener and devotee — it fit well with my love of public radio. Here are some of mine and my producer’s favorites, that you may or may not have discovered yet. I call them the best podcasts you’re not listening to… yet. Enjoy!

  1. The Jellyvision Show. I was a guest last year, and it was a lot of fun — hosts Jennifer Crawford and Tim Truehart talk with creative entrepreneurs about their work.
  2. RM-Podcast-Cover-18-350x350The Showrunner. This is a show about running your own show — as in running your own podcast (show). The term is borrowed from the TV world. A relatively new offering from Rainmaker.fm (among a ton of other new shows).
  3. The Lapse. A storytelling podcast. It’s a cross between a traditional interview and something like The Moth — the interviews are edited into a dramatic retelling complete with sound effects and music.
  4. The Incomparable. A weekly dive into geeky media — books, comics, TV — with a rotating panel of guests.
  5. The Daily Knowledge Podcast. A bite-sized, new and usually pretty interesting fact “for you to feed your brain with” every weekday.
  6. Imaginary Worlds. A deep-dive into the scifi and fantasy stories we love.
  7. The Mortified Podcast. A storytelling series where adults reveal the (usually embarrassing) writings/art/media they created as kids in front of strangers.
  8. Howsoundcover170x170. The backstory behind great radio stories, from PRX and transom.org (this used to be called the Saltcast — the host taught at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies).
  9. The Narrators. A live storytelling podcast from Colorado where creative types tell personal stories centered around a monthly theme.
  10. Song Exploder. Musicians take apart their songs, sometimes note-by-note, and tell the story of how they were made.