EOS 10

I’ve been hard at work on a new project for months, and it’s finally ready for you. Let me tell you about EOS 10.

Back in February, I started writing what would turn into an eight-episode series of radio plays. From there, I cast a bunch of local DC actors and after hours of rehearsing, recording, mixing and editing — the first episode is here!

You can listen below, but I really, really hope you’ll head to www.eos10.com and sing up for the mailing list over there. That’s how we’ll keep you in the loop about new episodes and maybe, just maybe, some other super-secret special for-your-eyes-only stuff.


Also, I want to hear what you think! You can leave comments on the episode pages, or leave a review at Stitcher or (soon) iTunes, share the tracks on Souncloud — there are so many ways to share and help.