The Art of Planning?

We shot Roommates in about eleven hours. I knew going in I had to be super organized. So I did a lot of planning.

This is what my script looked like. These lines were all the shots I wanted to get in those few hours.

Script planning for the short film Roommates - a lined script

No one was more surprised than me that we actually go all those shots, and all the others I had planned. I think, in the end, there was something like 30 – 35 setups for what turned out to be a five minute film? I did a few pickups over the next weeks, but just a couple and then only because I had the luxury to do so.

It’s kind of haunting to look at now, because it seems much more clinical than the messy, organic process of actually shooting that I remember. I guess that’s to be expected. I think all the planning enabled the more fluid process on set. I knew where we were, where we had to go and when we had the time to take a little detour.

You can see Roommates next month (April 2014) at the Arizona International Film Festival.